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I really enjoy getting up in front of a group! Evaluations over the years have mentioned my lively style, variety of presentation methods and sense of humor. I have experience in teaching people of diverse backgrounds, occupations and professional interests.

At the University of North Carolina, I taught language laboratory classes. Since the equipment frequently malfunctioned, I was forced to improvise on an ongoing basis. My students benefited from a flexible approach, and were able to apply the skills acquired in my class in their grammar classes.

The University of Michigan provided me with an opportunity to teach classes on a wide variety of levels. In addition to the customary beginning courses, I also taught literature classes to undergraduates and reading skills to graduate students. Although none of my students went on to become famous professors of German, many attended medical school and became very successful physicians. Some still remember me and wave as they speed by in their Jaguars and BMW convertibles.

When I moved to Germany in 1990, I had to change gears a little in order to make a living. The Frankfurter Volkshochschule, the municipal adult education program, hired me to teach classes in English as a second language. This led to a position at the Oxford Intensive School of English where I initially taught ESL, but was later invited to join the German faculty, the only foreigner accorded this honor.

Most recently I have been teaching German and English through various agencies in the Detroit area in addition to private tutoring. I have worked with beginners and advanced students alike.  An important component of my teaching is cultural awareness of the country of the target language. For ESL students, this includes discussions of the differences between the United States and their native country, as well as helping them fit into the community. My German language students learn about the differences between American and European business styles in addition to acquiring basic "survival skills" in a German-speaking environment.


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